Friday, July 18, 2008

Graffiti Art by Laeten Taylor

Graffiti art is the name for lettering or images scratched,scrawled or painted ,marked in any manner on other peoples property and is regarded as unsightly or an unwanted form of vandalism which is punishable by law but on the other hand it can be used to bring messages about social affairs to the fore or relaying problems onto the surface while hiding your identity Some people regard graffiti as an art form ,worthy of being displayed in an art gallery but some can be unsightly and damaging.Ofen,people are employed to do graffiti for social or decorative reasons for the community . Modern graffiti is mostly spray painted unless commissioned. some street artists have found fame and recognition ,work by Banksy recently sold on the internet for $400 000. 
Graffiti  has existed since ancient times ,referred to inscription on figure drawings  or scratched in rocks found on walls of ancient sepulchers or ruins, the romans carved on monuments The source of graffiti is from the safiatic language  pro-Arabic dating from the 1st century it is not only greek and roman but also the Mayan site in Tikain Guatemala.Viking graffiti still exists in rome there are many more examples. Graffiti has ofen been entwined with the hiphop culture along with djing and break dancing there are many instances of notable graffiti this century  it has also been associated with the punk rock movement beginning in the 1970s 
the word comes froma greek term "graphein" [to write ] it is plural of the word graffito.



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