Thursday, July 17, 2008

50s & 60s by laeten taylor

Saul Bass graphic designer
After apprenticships with Manhatten design films bass worked as a free lance grahpic designer or commercial artist as they were called chafing at the contrast imposed on him in new york he moved to L A in 1946 freelancing for four years and he opened his own studio in 1950 he was mostly working in advertising till Preminger invited him to design a poster for his 1954 movie Carmon Jones he designed commission for two 1955 movies the man with the golden arm established him as as god of film title design the next ten years made his way by creating animated mini movies assisted by his second wife Elaine Bass created brilliant titles for other directors from alley cat to walk on the wild side in 1961 Bass retired from commercial graphic design in 1974 devising successful corperate identities for united airlines minolta bell telephone system and warner communications paul bass was a cinema legend he won three oscars 1958 forged a new collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock by designing a title for" vertigo " works with buff straub and hensman on design of his home
in 1984 creates a poster for L A s Olympic games Saul Bass died in 1996

Bass used very strong colours and typography giving an impact statement ,almost aggressive, sharp and you can see the work is by the same designer he has a great style often there is only one or two ranges of colour in one piece he uses a lot of typography in different sizes to create depth and expression and to catch ones eye, black and white is widely used for outstanding design and contrast one can see why all these directors plied for his work, posters in these eras sold the movie and are collectors items the movie posters of today have minimal typography compared,


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