Monday, June 16, 2008

POST 5: STACY: Hillman Curtis Designer Series DVD

After viewing the dvd make a 250 word post with 5 images and 5 links about the designer featured who impressed you the most. 

Examine the design elements and principles i.e. point, line, shape, scale, texture, tone, colour, pattern, symbol, proportion, structure, symmetry, form, volume, space, etc
Examine the design principles i.e. balance, contrast or diversity, harmony or unity, rhythm, dominance or emphasis.
Examine the materials and techniques utilized by the style.
What are the historical influences?
Did this style influence other styles?
What advancements in technology were available for the production of these graphics?

pass criteria
Information research effectively
references/ Bibliography listed correctly
logical flow of ideas leading to a personal conclusion
Hand in on time due 24.06.08.

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