Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rosalind - James Victore

Experiments aimed at drawing out the beauty and mystery of images that are anything but typical. That is the essence of a James Victore design: strong graphic concepts, visual wit, and bold, often aggressive imagery. In his own words, "A beautiful image that fulfils the client's desires for a design is not enough to satisfy me...I want something that is humorous and timely, something with a human touch."

James is a master communicator who deems himself on having the responsibility to inspire social change. A lot of his stuff attracts attention controversially both in subject and form, though he objects to using shock value, as he explains his choice of imagery always stems from the attempt to find some truth within the subject matter. By whittling away complex ideas down to some small kernel of truth, he tries to then fill that small point full of poetry, humour, sex-appeal, and whatever it takes to get his point across so others get to feel it.

“When I work I try to surprise myself and make myself laugh. If I do a good job of that it seems others laugh too. I’m not an activist, but maybe I’m a dreamer. I still believe that design can change the world.”

James clarifies the idea of personal vision and perspective, he reminds us of the importance of communication in the existence of different groups within society.


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