Wednesday, June 4, 2008


The fictional comic book character Spiderman, was originally created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko for Marvel Comics in the early sixties.  However, the initial ‘Amazing Spiderman’ was not published until 1963, where it became the first comic book to feature a teenager as the ‘superhero’.  Young people found they could relate to Spiderman and his woes and the character quickly became a cultural icon.

The early Marvel animation was remarkably well rendered, with fantastic use of hatching and tone for the shading.  This Marvel style was very unique in this era, and there were stark contrasts between the Marvel style of animation and the style of its rival comic book producer DC, which created books such as Batman.

 Spiderman comic books are coloured in such a way that gives the characters a dark mystique.  Dark tones and shading is used very effectively and in one series of comics Spiderman even sported a black costume.  The villains are quite frightening and names such as ‘Carnage’ and ‘Venom’ were given to the strikingly menacingly drawn foes.

Spiderman has truly become an American icon, and his story has since been made into a animated TV series and an incredibly successful film series.  The animation behind the icon has also paved the way for the great majority of modern animation from Japanese anime to 3d animation.



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