Sunday, June 22, 2008


Sniffin’ Glue was a punk rock fanzine created by Mark Perry, which ran for 14 issues between 1976 and 1977.  This ‘zine’, which is derived from the word magazine, became the most accurate record available of the early years of punk rock, some of the most exiting times in music history.
 The magazine was completely DIY, which was typical of the punk attitude.  It was created in a cut and paste style, with headlines and titles usually just written with a felt tipped pen.  Grammar was very poor and spelling mistakes were ever present, which in my opinion added to the charm and punk rock aesthetic.  Black and white only with raw photographs from gigs being pasted in with accompanying text usually written on a typewriter also attached in a ransom note format.  Its haphazard production gave it a real urgency and the way in which it was produced was certainly relevant for that time in musical history.

 Sniffin’ Glue is a far cry from the glossy paged advertisement riddled music magazines available today and it will go down in history for that reason.  The ‘zine’ has firmly cemented itself a place not only in the history of punk rock but in the history of music media.


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