Monday, June 16, 2008


Some may consider his design as ‘rough-and-ready’, being that a great majority of his work is created from coarse sketches.  I admire this approach and believe it gives his work and ability to communicate certain ideas great depth.  His work is raw and always begins with scribbling and then moves into the studio to refine ideas.  His works are charged with meaning and although he doesn’t consider himself to be a political activist he is certainly not a fence sitter.  His sharp and bold lines are a standout in his design they carry with them an element of anger and frustration with the world.  His approach may be considered minimalist but it stands alone amongst a sea of mediocre typical design. 

 James Victore is a passionate and purposeful designer whose striking and visually appealing work will go down in design history.  He now teaches design at the school of visual arts in New York City.



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