Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LEE: Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister was born in Austria in 1962 and currently live sin New York, he has his own design firm named Sagmeister .inc.

Sagmeister has done a variety of album cover designs including that of the rolling stones and Lou Reed. Sagmeister is very serious about his work but his humour is always present in his works.

One of his works that I like the best was a poster where on the top half shows Sagmeister almost naked on a lounge, the bottom half shows Sagmeister surrounded by empty food wrappers and fatty food from which he ate, looking rather plump on the couch. He presented this to an audience in the Hillman Curtis designer series and then proceeded to joke about him putting on 20 pounds in weight.

This I believe shows his dedication to his work if he is willing to do that to himself for a piece of art.

This “self harm” aspect of his work is also shown in one of his most major pieces, where he got one of his students to carve the words and pictures onto his torso with a blade of sorts and it was then photographed. This gained Sagmeister notoriety as the man who self harms in the name of craft.


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