Monday, June 16, 2008

LEE: 1970's-1980's, Matthew Carter

Matthew Carter is a typeface designer, born in London, 1937.
Carter’s extensive time spent in the field of type design has seen him witness the change from using physical metal cuts to print design and print type, to the use of digital imagery and computer programs used for type design today.

In 1981 carter and his colleague mike parker launched bitstream inc. Which is now one of the worlds largest suppliers of digital type.

Later on carter left bitstream to start up yet another type foundry named carter and cone. 

Matthew carter focuses primarily on improving legibility of fonts for easier reading. Two of his most famous fonts are Georgia and verdana which were both created for easy reading on a computer screen.

Some of carters other fonts include:
-ITC Galland

Carter has also contributed in the design of the ever popular Helvetica font, and has won numerous awards for his type design.
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