Monday, June 16, 2008

LEE: 1950's-1960's, OZ Magazine.

OZ magazine was first published on April fools day, 1963 in Sydney. The magazine was originally intended to be a satirical take on current affairs, and to this day remains a legend of underground publication. The first edition was made to parody the Sydney morning herald and told fake news about such things as the Sydney harbour bridge collapsing. The magazine caused much controversy and the editors faced jail-time after several obscenity charges.
In 1966 the magazine moved to London and continued publishing issues.

The covers of OZ magazine often featured rather controversial covers, one in particularly being the cover of issue 6 that depicted a photograph of the editors pretending to urinate into a wall fountain (sculpted by Tom Bass) which was mounted in Sydney, and had recently been unveiled by prime minister Menzies.
Other covers of OZ magazine featured brightly coloured and somewhat obscure images which was apparently trendy during that time period.

OZ magazine ceased publication in 1973.
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