Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kurt- Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister was born in 1962 Bregenz Austria and studied graphic design at the university of applied arts Vienna in 1987 he then moved to New York to complete a fullbright scholarship at the Pratt institute.
He currently lives and works in New York out of his design studio Sagmeister Inc. and is also a Teacher of visual art.

He has designed work over the years for the likes of David Byrne and Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Pat Metheny and the Rolling Stones to name a few, I really like the approach he takes to design as it seems very organic and uncomplicated.

I also think that good design is all about the great idea in the first place, something that Stefan Sagmeister seems to be constantly achieving in his work.

I also watched an interview of his where he explained that about 7 years ago he came to a point in his carrier where he just thought I’m going to take 1 year off, take on no clients, and just do experiments, I find this methodology just brilliant he later said that it really paid off in the end as all the new ideas he had were so fresh.

Stefan Sagmeister is a Graphic Designer but I really look at his work more like visual Art, I think he is also a great ambassador for this profession as the way he speaks and discusses design work with such passion and emotion is really stimulating.


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