Monday, June 9, 2008

Kurt 50's-60's Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Fox Lichtenstein born in Manhattan New York 27-10-08 and died aged 73 on the 29-09-97 was one of the most influential American Pop Artists along side Andy Wahl.

His childhood was quiet and uneventful and it wasn’t until his last years of high school where he began to draw and paint, later on graduating from the Ohio State University in Fine Arts although his studies were interrupted by a short stint in the Army.

From 1957 to 1960 his work could be described as Abstract Expressionist, he had touched on Geometric Abstraction and a form of Cubism.

In 1960 Lichtenstein became Assistant Professor at Douglas College at Rutgers University of New Jersey.
It was in 1961 when his son said “I bet you can’t paint as good as that’ while pointing to a Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Lichtenstein produced six painting almost identical to the cartoon strip with only slight variations to the colors and form it was at this point in time where he made the use of Ben-Day dots it was this style that would be the famous signature work of Roy Lichtenstein.

There is much to be said of Lichtenstein’s work as far as copyright and plagiarism goes the fact that his sketch books consisted of cartoon’s and comic’s simply cut and pasted and then his painting works where almost completely identical.

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