Monday, June 23, 2008

JOSH - Neville Brody - 1980

NEVILLE BRODY, English graphic designer, typographer and art director.
He was one of the founding members of FontWorks in London and designed a number of notable typefaces for them. He was also partly responsible for instigating the FUSE project an influential fusion between a magazine, graphics design and typeface design. Each pack includes a publication with articles relating to typography and surrounding subjects, four brand new fonts that are unique and revolutionary in some shape or form and four posters designed by the type designer usually using little more than their included font.
Initially working in record cover design, Brody made his name largely through his revolutionary work as Art Director for The Face magazine. Other international magazine and newspaper directions have included City Limits, Lei, Per Lui, Actuel and Arena, together with the radical new look for two leading British newspapers The Gardian and the Observer Brody has consistently pushed the boundaries of visual communication in all media through his experimental and challenging work, and continues to extend the visual languages we use through his exploratory creative expression. In 1988Thames & Hudson published the first of two volumes about his work, which became the world's best selling graphic design book.
Neville Brody continues to work as a graphic designer launching his own design practice, Research Studios, in London in 1994. With more to open in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and New York. The company is best known for its ability to create new visual languages for a variety of applications ranging from publishing to film. It also creates innovative packaging and website design for clients such as Kenzo, Homechoice, and Paramount Studios.


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