Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jamie’s DVD response:
 James Victor

James Victore has made a name for himself through his graphic design and his artworks. His works are bold and try’s to convey a message to its audience. He forces his graphics into the public to convey his smart and witty remark on an issue. His passion shows in the bold and powerful messages. 

With his work he has won many awards, these being both international and national. He works in New York City and he uses his surrounding environment to get inspiration for his works.
His work focuses on more so the message than focus to detail in some of his works. Some times the works with the least amount can have one of the greatest impacts. The use of line, reflects to the audience a feeling as though the idea is on the run, or going against common rules. The scratchy use of line really is effective in these works.
With his use of line it is most effective as he uses not a lot of color, though when he does use it, he is able to really put across his point by having a point of focus. His work does though focus a lot on shape, especially when he uses silhouette. His work has an almost graffiti feel to it, feeling as though it has a lot of inspiration from the city. His work work is very comical with its messages, images and themes. Though all in all his work does it’s purpose and gets it’s message through to the audience.

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