Monday, June 2, 2008

Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

Jamie, Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band: 1950’s to 1960’s:

The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band was the eighth studio recorded edition in the Beatles montage of albums. The album was recorded over 129 days, and was released in 1967, on June the 1st. this record has been considered to be the greatest of all the Beatles albums.

The most captivating detail of the album was the cover. Created by Robert Fraser, a close friend of McCartney. The original
 cover was of a psychodelic painting, though art director Robert Fraser pushed for a new one. He opted for large human sized cut-outs of famous stars, as to make a collage like effect. The icons were
 chosen by the Beatles favourite person list. John was interested in
 including such icons as , Ghandi, Jesus and also Hitler, though due to recent press and official statements the icons were decided to be left out. The art work featured over 70 famous 
icons of the time. This style was original as it had not been done yet on a pop/rock album cover. Originally the Beatles wanted to have included, with the album, Sgt. Pepper memorabilia, such
 as pins, pencils etc. though this proved to be too costly, so instead they decided to have cardboard cut-outs of, a moustache, a picture card of Sgt. Pepper, badges, stripes and a stand up of the band.

Many other quirky inclusions were attached to the album, such as the mysterious character Billy Sheers, who was introduced on the beginning of the album, and turns out to be Ringo Starr. Also the name appears again in 
another song, written by John Lennon. Another weird inclusion was a very high pitched tone, (15kHz), not noticeable to adults, but by dogs and the teenage listeners. This was included by Lennon as to irritate the listeners dog. This was only included on the first 5000 presses.

This album became an instant hit, being given many awards, including best album cover, graphic artist. The album became #1 for 27 weeks on the UK Album Charts, and this album has been considered to be one of the most influential albums made.


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