Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hillman Curtis – (7)

Hillman Curtis is an American new media designer, author, and filmmaker who has his own digital design firm in New York City called Previously, he was design director for Macromedia and Adobe. He has written many books on new media design theories he worked on and Hillman’s largest clients include Yahoo!,, British Airways, MTV, and Intel.

Curtis follows precise point-like steps in creating every new project. These steps inform each other, to create a linear progression and help to create a diverse range of designs. There are:

  1. Listen
  2. Unite
  3. Theme
  4. Concept
  5. Eat the Audience
  6. Filter
  7. Justify

He often said that shape is an integral part of our visual landscape and we should use shape patterns, and color contrasting combinations, to tell a story in what we are designing. He also uses a montage of images that relied on repetition, varied scale and angles, and overlays. The use of designer white space, and big titles were an instrumental part of his design theories to create a perfect balance.

Inspired in part by the affordability and accessibility of digital video, he began to experiment with short digital films in an effort to reinvigorate his creative spirit and express himself both personally and professionally.

His film influences are directors like Allen and Peter Weir and his design influences are people like Saul Bass and Stefan Sagmeister. His photography influences are Richard Avedon and Diane Arbus.
We are commercial artists, with a responsibility to the brand and the product we have agreed to help promote. We try to keep in mind the equal responsibility we have as artists, to do what artists have always done; respond to, reflect upon and hopefully, influence the world.


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