Monday, June 23, 2008

Govinda - 70's & 80's Swiss Poster Design

Swiss Poster Design

The 1970’s saw a boom in a revolutionary new style of graphic designed based heavily on typography. The style became known simply as the International Typographic Style. New technological advancements in printing enabled this style to flourish not only in Switzerland but all over the world. Mathematical grids and order and unity were the predominant aspects which created a simple, structured and harmonious design. Bold, san serif type fonts like Helvetica were very popular. Photography began to replace drawn illustrations allowing a wide new range of design opportunities and solutions.
This clear and cohesive style was perfect for the new post war global market place which was calling for universal designs that could speak to people of all languages.

This ‘international style’ began to lose popularity in the early 80’s as people began to criticize it for being too cold and formal. Revolutionary designers such as Weingart, Siegfried Odermatt and Rosmarie Tissi began experimenting greatly and explored many different styles which bent and broke the rules of the International Typographic Style. With new printing technology being introduced, a new revolutionary style was eminent. Thus postmodern design was born. This loosely labelled style that encompasses many styles is still being used today.

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