Monday, June 16, 2008

Govinda - 50's and 60's Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is a prominent graphic designer and illustrator who, in 1954, founded Push Pin Studio in New York. His work combined a fascination with the graphic simplicity and directness of comic books with a sophisticated understanding of modern art, especially of Surrealism and Cubism. Typography was also a strong influence in his work.

Glaser got his inspiration from the world around him. Swiss rationalism and modernism were influential aspects that were prevalent in his designs.

Glaser’s involvement in Push Pin Studio gave him the opportunity to work in a wide range of jobs including record sleeves, books, posters, logos, font design and magazine formats. He used any medium or style to solve the problem at hand

Bold flat colours, clean lines and simple shapes were dominant in his designs. Clutter did not exist. Glaser used simplicity and originality to convey his message. One of his early works, the famed I love NY logo that he created for the New York State Department of Commerce, has become the most frequently imitated logo in history.

Milton Glaser brings a depth of understanding to his highly inventive and individualistic work. In 2004 he was selected for the lifetime achievement award of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

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