Saturday, June 21, 2008

GEMMA: Post 5 - DVD - James Victore

James Victore

James Victoreis an independent graphic designer. He has done design work for large company names such as Target, Amnesty International, the Shakespeare Project, The New York Times, MTV, and many others.

Victore’s work is straight to the point, no stuffing around. Hs designs are more than often colorful and self explanatory, as he used a combination of typography and visual objects and elements in order to portray his concept and vision.

When he stared out as a boy the computer was very new and he did not expect to be exposed to it for some time. He was always making his first projects with his hand as he still would do with some today which is evident though his love of making things with his hands and working with wood. ”I also think that the larger audience out there responds to work when they can see that a real human being made it.”

James always works with the vision that he is trying to make something new, trying to invent. “I don’t make any distinction between “beautiful” and “ugly” which always keeps me pushing to get somewhere new and surprise myself. I work very hard to surprise myself and to make myself laugh, the “Wait-til-they-get-a-load-of-this” kind of laugh.”

His outstanding personality is most definitely reflected in his work. Always looking for something new, his works represent his hilariously overwhelming ideas but at the same time, drawing his own personal conclusions to issues and concepts he finds interesting. A taste for his attitude can be suggested when he stated that “Swearing for me is like punctuation.”

He works very hard in the studio to have fun. I guess you could say that his objective with every job is to try to take it where no one else would ever go. He aims to not only invent and surprise himself through his design work but also hopefully, just as much the audience.

He believes that there are some jobs you do for God and some others that you do for money. James approaches every job as if it was for God, but when it turns into a money job, he gets it done. “The trick is to find brave clients who you like and who trust you and have lots and lots and lots of money.”


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