Saturday, June 7, 2008

BUICK automobiles – (7)

There were many changes to Buick automobiles throughout the years, but the majority of changes occurred in the 1950’s and there was also creatively constructed advertisements that really captured the selling-point essence of these historic automobiles.

The years after the war were great for Buick styling, technical innovation and sales. In the design of the car they started blending and styling the emblem into the hood and grille but keeping the basic elements of the original crest. They also continued to work on modifying the overall sleek shape lines of the vehicle as symmetry was very important to the look of their cars. The interiors also featured a new symmetrical dash design.
Buick put almost as much emphasis on service as on sales, with their adverting by the use of clever graphic design. They sometimes made their cars look like they were flying into space to show their smoothness in acceleration and braking. They often had only one figure in the car as to show the accentuated room and space in the car to emphasise comfort. They also compared and put the car adds together with a hint of clothing or fashion to show that the cars were trendy.

So, as one can see there was a high emphasis placed on creating the "image" of technology, power and performance of the Buick motor car in the 1950’s.


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