Friday, June 13, 2008

Apple ][c – (7)

The Apple II (written as Apple ][ )was the first mass produced microcomputer for the home and also became the standard computer in the education system. The Apple ][c was designed to look more like a "elegantly styled home appliance than a piece of electronic equipment and was often compared as an "overgrown pocket calculator". Steve Jobs, looked for inspiration among household appliances at Macy's department store, before hiring Jerry Manock an industrial designer, to design the Apple ][c.

The Apple ][c was the first Apple computer to come in a rare, small, and portable platinum case with a tilt monitor that featured a 9" green monochrome flat panel display but you could also use with a colour monitor or TV as well. It also has a separate stand which holds the monitor over the case, instead of behind it. It could be transported around like a suitcase with the use of a handle. In the name Apple ][c, the “cstands for compact.
The Apple ][c computer was the very first Snow White designed computer and accessories, changing from the original Apple beige-colour. Apple always badges its products with the logo and the model name of the computer to help reinforce its unique physical identity. They always had an inlaid silk-screened 3-dimensional Apple logo, diamond cut to the exact shape.

It has a membrane under the keyboard to help keep dirt and contamination from getting inside the system and also has shallow horizontal and vertical lines spaced 10 apart on the centre, which run along any and all of the surfaces of the product, to act as vents.

Apple unveiled the Apple ][c in April 1984 with an intense publicity extravaganza and its innovative design won it the Industrial Design Excellence Award six months after its unveiling.


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