Monday, June 23, 2008

Abby - Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister is one of the world’s most important contemporary designers. He was born in Austria and now works in New York with the American International Graphic Association and world famous musicians.

The photo above is really interesting due to the font placement on the flowers. This draws your eye in towards the flower petals. The contrast between the black and white is eye-catching. 

Sagmeister combines materials and messages which cleverly fit together. His Always message is original and appropriate saying Always on the white flowers but the viewer may think about how the writing will look when the flowers wilt and die. 

The My Life words look to be made from grass wound around wire. The grass and leaves represent natural life, but this could be short lived as they grow brown, wilt and fall off. Sagmeister has been quoted saying, ’I have to live now’.
The light and dark contrast beautifully with the real lights in the background. The symmetrical leaves at the bottom frames the message of My Life.

The Blue faced book cover shows Sagmeister with a highly digitalised patchy bright blue face making him look like a reptile. This working on his own body is common with Sagmeister, the most famous time when he has groves scratched into his body which then showed up as writing.

Sagmeister got his inspiration and influences from everyday life. He saw a schoolgirl on a train reading a text book through a red plastic filter. He then placed his CD cover inside a red-tinted plastic case copying the view the girl would have had.

His work is always different and unusual which makes it startling to his audience.


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