Monday, June 16, 2008

Abby - Horror Movie Poster 1950's

Horror Movie Poster 
Below are a sample of horror movie posters from the United States of
America between 1950 and 1960. The posters containing weird eye-catching monsters were used to advertise and promote horror movies. The monsters often have big, sharp teeth, are often dark in colour and ugly and look frightening and evil. They dominate the centre of the poster and are usually very large. They always seem to be catching or holding a woman, who is helpless and has become the victim.
The name of the movie is important to promote so it is usually at the top in a red or black colour showing fear. The picture fills up the frame often with the shape of the monster and there is a lot of eye-catching colour, particularly with the title. The backgrounds are often dark showing evil. Some posters focus on the monster while others are quite busy, advertising more of the characters in the movie.

The historical influences for these posters often come from old stories and tales about frightening evil creatures. Movie posters before this time did not feature such scary monsters and were not as eye-catching.
The technological improvements were moving from black and white to colour which helped create texture which can be seen in the poster below.


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