Monday, May 26, 2008

Tane - Joseph Binder Designs

Joseph Binder (1898 – 1972)

Joseph Binder was an Austrian-born designer who influenced most of Europe and the U.S.
In 1924 Binder founded his own studio, Vienna Graphics, and built a reputation as an advertising artist and poster designer.
In 1927 he acted as one of the founding fathers of the national Austrian designers association, Design Austria, who continue to remember him through an international design competition, the Joseph Binder Award.

His designs aim for a reductive, postmodern approach derived from Cubism. This applied to all his posters, including ones commissioned by American Railroads, American Airlines, the Red Cross and many tourism firms.

Binder’s style is very distinctive and eye-catching, hence his success in the advertising industry.
The absence of outline and heavy reliance on bright block colours suggests Cubism monopolized Binder’s influences. The shapes are simple and geometric in appearance. However, beyond block colours is the suggestion of texture, shading and dimension, particularly in posters featuring his painting skills which are mostly used as background effects and bases. The forms are abstract indeed, yet recognizable and distinguishable. In this way, Binder’s Cubist practices met his great love of painting, creating the perfect advertising material for the 1930s era.

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