Monday, May 26, 2008


In the 1950s the korean war begins, colour tv introduced to usa in 1950, elvis presley first hit in 1956, the birth of cool by miles davis, soviets launch sputnik satellite in 1957, the teenager consumer,coronation of elizabeth2 as queen, fidel castro becomes prime minister of cuba, james dean, univers, swiss/ international style, paul rand, esquire,olivetti- giovanni pintori,, nikon f , 'look', 'vogue', jean carlu, ofen ludin, astral email, savignac, toyko international trade fair 1956, takashi kono, marianne straub warner and son textile, univers 1957, optima 1958, zapf, palantino 1949, melior 1952, recta font1958, novarese, Type Director's Club of New York,ideal family in the suburb image, fonts times new roman, curvinus skyline, pl latin bold, bodoni,futura, futura light,

The 1960s were busy and diverse times in the development of graphic design- apollo 11 first manned lunar landing, the mini skirt, the beatles,hippie culture, herb lubalin, milton glaser, saul bass, otto preminger, ken garland, john mcconnell -pentgram, rick griffen, ken kesey, pscychodelia, contraceptive pill, sexual revolution, roger excoffon, the bikini, elvis, portable tv, kodak brownie 127, david bailey, ibm typewriter 72, ibm computer system 360, barbarella, pierre cardin - moon girl, 'oz' magazine,martin sharp, 'women and beauty', 'time', 'paris match' 'look', peter blake , sgt peppers lonely hearts club band, tadnori yokoo, kobe workers music council poster, dick elffers, the paper dress show hirokatsu hijikata, 'wozzeck', jan lenica, wes wilson, john riebens, 'neue grafik', josef muller-brockmann, 'foultitude' pop art, robert rauschenberg, litchenstein, folon, tibor reich textiles, astrid sampe textiles, grillo phone, valentine portable typewriter, ibm golfball typewrite, tschichold , sabon 1964, fluxus, functionalism, stanley mouse, victor moscoso, chet helms, fonts ortem, cruz swinger, windsor, windsor elongated, peace open, peace solid, peace outline, love stoned, love open etc. write a post about 200wds with image/s and link.
Discuss the characteristics and objectives ?
Examine the design elements and principles i.e. point, line, shape, scale, texture, tone, colour, pattern, symbol, proportion, structure, symmetry, form, volume, space, etc
Examine the design principles i.e. balance, contrast or diversity, harmony or unity, rhythm, dominance or emphasis.
Examine the materials and techniques utilized by the style.
What are the historical influences?
Did this style influence other styles?
What advancements in technology were available for the production of these graphics?

pass criteria
Information research effectively
references/ Bibliography listed correctly
logical flow of ideas leading to a personal conclusion
Hand in on time due 10.06.08.

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