Sunday, May 11, 2008

Jamie: Russian posters of Deni Viktor Nikolaevich: 1930's to 1940's

Deni Viktor Nikolaevich was born in russia in 1893 to 1946. He became one of the more famous 
poster maker of the time with his artworks such as "The Capital and the Capitalist", "The league of Nations Capitalists of the world Unite" and also "Each strike of the hammer is a strike against the enemy".

These russian posters were all used throughout the early 20th century to send a message to the public about the current affairs at hand, such as current wars, or current offices of power. such as in the
 "every strike of the hammer is a strike against our enemy" it looks at how their communist country is fighting against the wave of nazi germany.

Viktor was also known for helping the move for their new leader of the communist party, Joseph Stalin. Such posters that tried to influence the russian people vote for Stalin were such posters as "Stalin's mood makes our army and country strong and solid."

These old Russian posters were made by the Giclee printing process, which would deliver a fine attention to detail and also a high, vivid colors that attract the readers attention. These prints were also done on an old print press printer , that would also work well though not as fine as the Giclee process. Each poster had its own message to display to the public and its fine stylings really display the subject matter.

The posters were evenly balanced with negative space and matter. with the sharp colors , the posters were usually two tone, for he basic prints, and very detailed in the Giclee prints. each poster has the correct attention to the subject, displaying the theme, sometimes in a comedical sense and and some more serious.

Viktor's art work is well known to the russian collectors of the early century, WW2 and also of the revolution. This work resembles the 1930's to 1940's precisely in its design and messages.


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