Tuesday, May 13, 2008

LEE: Gustav Klutsis

Gustav Klutsis is known mainly for his soviet revolutionary, Stalinist propaganda that he produced with his wife and fellow revolutionary poster maker, Valentina Kulagina.

Klutsis was drafted into the army in 1915 where he served in a riflemen detachment for 3 years before joining the communist party and graduating from the art school VKhUTEMAS.

Klutsis did not just create revolutionary posters however. He also designed plans for screen kiosks to be constructed around the streets of moscow that would display news prints and film screens for passerby's to view, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the revolution.

Some of Klutsis's most famous work are the photo montages created with his wife, which had a distinct modern feel to them due ot use of distortion, angled viewpoints and colliding perspectives.

On january 17, 1938 Klutsis was arrested and never seen when he was preparing to leave for the new york world's fair. It was not known what happened to him until 1989 when it was discovered that he had been executed by Stalin's orders even though he was a loyal follower of Stalin and tried to help his cause.

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