Monday, May 26, 2008

Kurt- Cecil Beaton

Sir Cecil Walter Hardy Beaton was born in Hampstead England 1904 and died in 1980.The Beaton family were actually timber merchants by trade and at an early age while Cecil was attending St Cyprian`s School his artistic talents were recognized.
Through out his childhood his nanny possessed a Kodak 3A Camera and was forever teaching him how to photograph he would take photos of his sisters and send the pictures to high society magazines recommending himself as a photographer. He then went on to study art, history and architecture at St Johns College Cambridge.

Cecil Beaton was most famous for his fashion and portrait photography of high society and Hollywood; he was a staff photographer for both Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines

He was never really known as a highly skilled or technical photographer, he instead took time and focused on the model and scene always focusing on the perfect moment to shoot.

Beaton regularly photographed the royal family and there weddings and in 1972 was knighted.

During the Second World War he was posted and given the task of recording images from the home front during this time he took one of the most famous photos of 3-year-old Eileen Dunne.

After the war Beaton took to Broadway designing sets costumes and lighting his most well known work was achieved on sets for musicals such as “My Fair Lady” and “Gigi” both of which he won academy awards for.

Beaton was so in tune with the changes in fashion his career maintained its momentum for a span of five decades.


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