Monday, May 12, 2008

Jamie: 1900-1930 Gill Sans:

Its creator, Eric Gill, invented the font, ‘Gill Sans’, in 1928. The idea
 behind this type face was to make it
the most legible sans serif text. It was created by Eric Gill, after working as an apprentice for the famous ‘Edward Johnston’, the creator of the Johnston type face. The gill sans type face became a famous type 
face when, the very next year, it was going to be the typeface used by the London underground trains.

Eric Gill was a well established, artist, sculptor, and typeface designer. The font took inspiration from the Roman capitals found on the column of Trajan. Other inspirations were Baskerville and Caslon, typefaces. 

The font has been also used in other manors such as all of the British railway, in 1948, also has become the face for ‘Penguin Books’ and various other cases. The main characteristics of the font and intentions was to be very legible, look less mechanical and
 more friendly to the eye. This is achieved through its fine and very simular strokes, it is very inventive and is still very commonly used today.


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Will said...

Actually, Gill Sans is not used on the Underground. Johnston is. It predates Gill Sans by almost two decades. See