Monday, May 12, 2008

Govinda-Vogue Covers

Vogue Magazine covers changed dramatically from 1920 to 1930. The delicate, detailed fashion illustrations gave way to a more bold and simple look. The artworks Vogue used for the magazine covers where strongly influenced by the fashion trends and evolving art styles of the time.

The 1920’s saw muted colours, feminine lines and soft delicate shapes. By 1924, the style was beginning to change. 1926 showed a definite new look of brighter colours and harder shapes and lines.

Helen Dryden was fashion illustrator, costume designer and industrial designer who worked for Vogue for 13 years, finishing her collaboration in 1922. In this time, she contributed hugely to the cover designers of the magazines. It was shortly after her leaving of the company that a new art style became popular with many artists creating their own cover designs using the same bold shapes and lines.

The typography also changed over time. Serif typefaces and simple, black lines where used in the early 1920’s where as bold and sometimes colourful Sans Serif faces dominated in 1930. The Vogue designers also became more creative with the placing of the text and began layering it with the drawings and experimenting with the alignment.

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