Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Govinda: 30's & 40's Italian Travel Brochures

Italy was one of the leading countries in generating and propagating the design styles of the thirties. Italy and other central European countries produced the best graphic design in that period influenced, no doubt, by the Bauhaus and Italian Futurism. Art Deco, a popular international design movement of the time, was also influential.

A good example of Italian design is the countries travel brochures which deeply reflect the styles of the day. Bold colour, geometric shapes and lines and a simple, minimalistic look where all used by the tourism companies in their advertising. The designs where uncluttered and space was embraced.
These travel brochures depicted scenes of beautiful beach, landscapes and happy, beautiful women to attract people’s attention. The colours were rich and the designs modern. Solid shapes were filled with solid colour creating a collage effect similar to that of Matisse’s work.
But as WWII broke out, the travel industry all but diminished, bringing an end to these brochures. Many of the art styles of the day also ended.


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