Monday, May 12, 2008

Futura Typeface

Paul Renner was born in Prussia Germany August 9, 1878 and died April 25, 1956, coming from a strict Protestant background, being educated in 19th century Gymnasium. He was brought up to have a very German sense of direction, of straight edge duty and reliability. Disliking abstract art and a lot of forms of modern culture like jazz, cinema, and dancing.

Renner was a well-known member of the (German Work Federation) and he wrote two books Typografie als Kunst (Typography as Art) and Die Kunst der Typographie (The Art of Typography) and was the designer for one of the most popular typefaces Futura.

Futura was released in 1927 by the Bauer Type Foundry Neufville Digital. A Sans-serif typeface derived from simple geometric forms and almost perfect circles, triangles and squares it is based on strokes of near even weight that are low in contrast. This is most noticeable in the virtually perfectly round stroke of the o, but the shape is actually a little ovoid.

Architype Renner was the preliminary design for Futura it included several geometrically constructed alternative characters for the lower case a, g and r (with 3 or 4 variations) and also the uppercase characters including the German accents.
It was also originally designed with two sets of numerals.

In July 1969 when man first stepped on the moon the commemorative plaque left there uses the Futura typeface.

It is also used in the graphic identity for Volkswagen.


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