Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lee: Saul Bass

Saul Bass was born on may 8, 1920. He was both a filmmaker and a graphic designer. During a career that spammed over 35 years he worked with many great film-makes and designers, but his most well known works was when creating motion picture title sequences.

Saul bass’ art style is very cartooney, using a style that consists of simplistic one colored shapes, arranges to make form and image, often his design use sharp, jagged and “savage” looking objects.
Saul Bass designed title sequences for forty years but also created a variety of logos for various brands and companies.

One of Saul Bass’s most famous works is the intro to the movie “the man with the golden arm”. The movie is based on a recovering heroin addict so Saul Bass used a lack paper cut out of a heroic addicts arm knowing that the arm is a powerful symbol of drug addiction, rather than just a picture of the main characters face. This title screen and many others done by Saul bass caused a sensation among audiences and film critics alike.

google Images search for saul Bass.

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