Thursday, May 8, 2008

Abby: Alice Comedies

The Alice Comedies were a series of 56 short silent films made during the 1920s and were released between 1924 and 1927 The main character was Alice, who was a live girl, and Julius, who was an animated cat. They lived in a cartoon world.
( Naar de Nederlandse vertaling.)

This poster shows Alice and Julius dancing around to ghost music and advertises a short black and white film. These two main characters stand out by being set in the middle of the picture in strong colours contrasting against the pale background and white ghosts. The strong lines in the picture help make the picture clear and show objects such as the tree and ghosts. The picture is balanced by the top and bottom text, with a wide picture in the middle.

Julius the cat influenced the later Felix cartoon cat and the later Alice in Wonderland was based on this early 1920s version of Alice.

This shows a real scene from the cartoon which were all in black and white. The busyness of the screen with characters even climbing up outside the frame moves your eye around as you view it. To show the importance of the animated characters and Alice, they are centred and in a mass of strong black.
This was an early technique of having a live action person in with other animated characters and backgrounds. Many other shows and movies, such as the penguin dance scene in Mary Poppins would have been influenced by the early Alice Comedies.


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