Monday, April 28, 2008

post 1: welcome to our new blog C20TH CENTURY GRAPHIC DESIGN

POST1: 1900- 1930 worth 10%
200 wds, 10 images and 10 links The first three decades of the twentieth century were rich and diverse in graphic art styles.

Research one of these styles and post a response selecting a graphic designer and examples of their work. Discuss the characteristics/ objectives of the movement.
What are the characteristics of the style?
Examine the design elements and principles i.e. point, line, shape, scale, texture, tone, colour, pattern, symbol, proportion, structure, symmetry, form, volume, space, etc
Examine the design principles i.e. balance, contrast or diversity, harmony or unity, rhythm, dominance or emphasis.
Examine the materials and techniques utilized by the style.
What are the historical influences?
Did this style influence other styles?
What technology was available for the production of these graphics?
pass criteria
Information research effectively
references/ Bibliograpphy listed correctly
logical flow of ideas leading to a personal conclusion
Hand in on time due 13 .05.08.

SOME LEADS Art Deco, Bauhaus, Constructivism and the beginnings of International style from Switzerland , first cubist exhibition, aeg poster jugenstijl. 'colliers' magazine.edward penfield. 'la baionnette', ' millions', 'every week' figaro illustre', the arcadian', jessie m. king, charles rennie mackintosh, mucha, klimt, moser, hoffman, olbrich, loffler, vienna secession stamps, eckman schmuk, otto eckmann, art nouveau, william morris, Fauves movement, Futurism begins, ballet russe, fonts franklin gothic/
franklin gothic extra condensed/franklin gothic no.2/bodoni/ bodoni poster italic/ caslon/ caslon italic
armory show introduces modern art to new york, the deer cry- archibald knox- liberty prints, russian revolution, stile liberty, leopoldo metlicovitz, odeeon casino posters, schnackenberg, 'jugend' 'das plakat', stockholm olympic posters, bortzell, leete, hassall, multiplex typewriter, underground font, bauhaus, Schlemmer, Schmidt, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Terry-Adler, Theo van Doesburg ,dada. hoch, heartfield, hausmann, manray, grosz, futurism, Informative Functionalism, futurism, Expressionism, Futurism, Orphism, merz magazine, schwitters, million mark note herbert bayer, edward johnston - railway type, quaker oats, a.m.cassandre, bakelite candlestick telephone, mussolini becomes prime minister of italy, kodak developes colour
16mm film, 'vanity fair', paris exposition internationale des arts decoratifs et industriels modernes in 1925, el lissitsky, futurist poster stamp 1931, clarence underwood, raoul dufy textiles, gunta stolzl, universal font 1925, futura font 1927, offset magazine, paul renner, gills sans 1928, beginnings of jazz, held, malevich, constructivism, "elementare
typographie", great gatsby, bauhaus movement, abstact expressionism,fonts eagle bold, cheltenham, cheltenham bold, kabel black, kabelbook, kabel heavy, kabel light, monotype broadway, ozwald, parsons, futura,
erbar, franklin gothic, news gothic, gill sans, coronet.

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